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"You have not had a facial until you've had one from Douglas. He is amazing. I learned so much about my skin. He is very professional, informative and makes your comfort a priority. I will never go to anyone else.  It was, hands down, the best experience I've ever had.  The facial was very relaxing and my skin is just glowing. I highly recommend Douglas." - Diane W. 

"The highlight of Los Gatos, CA is without question a visit to The Preston Skin Center. World-renowned skin guru, Douglas Preston will change the way you live in your skin. My extremely delicate & temperamental skin was cleansed, peeled, polished, and glowing (without any sign of irritation or redness). My mind, educated and armed with invaluable tips on preserving my epidermis...against all odds. As I prepared to Ieave his sumptuously decorated facility, I was sure to purchase some of his skincare products which I can not wait to try (drum roll)! Thank you, make me believe in magic." - Heidi C.

"I have been seeing Preston for a couple of years now, first in Almaden and now in Los Gatos. He does such an excellent job shaping my brows and did a wonderful facial as well. He is one of the nicest people I know and his shop is extremely family-friendly. In fact, my kids are terribly disappointed if they find out I have gone to his salon without them! Thank you Preston for always doing such a great job and having such a professional and kind salon." - Camille V.

"I never had problem skin until my early 20's, of course, well after everyone else had been through their "awkward years", mine was just beginning. It was about two years when my sister introduced me to Douglas Preston's acne control/teen facial treatments and his amazing ability to placate my unpredictable skin. I've been steadily seeing Preston once every 3 to 4 weeks and nothing has worked better than the 45-minute sessions of extractions, it helps rid the root of the infection before it reacts and in a way makes my skin more tolerable. Even the scaring I had built up has faded and my skin only continues to improve.


Preston is truly there to eliminate as much build-up in the skin and does not waste time with unnecessary treatments. If I could recommend anything, it would be to give his purifying face wash and blemish bully a go. I know everyone's skin is unique but it is what truly works for me and keeps me feeling my best." - Becka E.

"After twenty-five years as a client of Douglas Preston, I am writing this review to acknowledge his consistently outstanding service in skin care. As I have aged my skin continues to look young and fresh, and Douglas is largely responsible for this given the many treatments, masks, and other services he has so ably applied. After each treatment from Douglas, I consistently receive compliments from friends and family members about how pure and fresh my skin looks.  I am so delighted that Douglas is back in the bay area and look forward to continuing to work with him for years to come." - C.T.

"Douglas is amazing! He is really well educated and takes his business very seriously. His services are reasonably priced and of the highest quality. I let him to do peels on my hyper sensitive skin and I never had any negative reaction. His own skincare line offers SolarGuard Vitamin C SPF30 day cream which I highly recommend. I love everything about Douglas's services and am always looking forward to them." - Svetlana P.

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