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Welcome to Preston Skin Center Acne and
Business Training Resources for Estheticians
and Spa Owners

If you need proven, reliable methods for growing a thriving skincare or spa business you've found the right resource! Whether you are a solo practicing Esthetician, planning to become one or an employer of an esthetics team, Douglas Preston has programs that will guide your career in the right direction. His many personal business successes used the same tools and techniques he teaches to his professional clients, tools that are in use at his thriving Preston Skin Center in Los Gatos, CA.


Please check out our selection of training courses and business tools. If you're considering career coaching we offer a FREE initial consultation whereby we can learn about your unique goals to see how our services may help you realize your dreams.


Whether you're new to esthetics or have years of practice behind you...

Learning never stops! It's always a wise move for the ambitious business person or practitioner to keep up-to-the-moment on new techniques and approaches to managing a skincare practice or spa. In fact, education is probably the best possible investment

in your career productivity and future!


At Preston Skin Center you'll find an impressive collection of educational programs that will help build professional confidence and financial security!


Who uses Preston's professional education
and training classes?


  • Independent Estheticians and those employed in the beauty industry

  • Day and medical spa operators

  • Individuals considering a career in professional esthetics

  • Esthetics and spa professionals seeking to advance their acne treatment and business skill. 

Businesswoman with Mask

Do you need a business coach?

If any of the following apply to you it may be helpful to work with a business coach:

  • You want to begin a solo skincare practice but hope to avoid costly mistakes

  • You have a busy practice but are not seeing the take home income you need from it

  • Business seems to be growing much more slowly than you anticipated

  • You're confused about service pricing or what product lines to carry

  • You may be considering expansion and possibly hiring other professionals

  • You feel overwhelmed, disorganized and have difficulty with systems, budgets, employees, etc.

  • Working solo seems isolating and creates feelings of fear or vulnerability to competitors

  • You're already doing well in your business but want to be discover its full potential




Preston Comedone Rxtractor™

The Preston extractor is the fastest, most comfortable, and efficient comedone extraction tool in the business of skincare—just ask anyone who has ever trained on one and is using it in practice. You will never want to put this amazing device down again!


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This is your first step to a brighter future in professional esthetics!

Please feel free to call us at (408) 677-6105 or complete the form below.

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