Is that face mask causing or worsening acne?

It's all the rage now, and causing plenty of rage, too! That heat-trapping, friction against skin cloth or paper mask stimulates oil glands and gives acne bacteria lots of food for growing its numbers. For those whose skin is acne sensitive this a pretty annoying time. What to do and still be Covid smart? Here's a few tips:

  1. Remove the mask as often as safely possible and splash with cold water or apply a cool wet wash cloth. This calms down the glandular activity and reduces the oil production.

  2. Use less moisturizer. Under a hot mask you may be overdoing it and that can lead to breakout.

  3. Give yourself a break. Personal tension is running high these days and can lead to stress-related skin problems. Calm down, relax a few minutes, avoid the news channel, have a cup of mint tea and take back a little bit of good living.

  4. Visit me at Preston Skin Center and we'll get to the bottom of it!

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