"Do I Need Botox or Juvederm Injections?"

This is an oft asked question by many of my skincare clients. Somehow the image they see in the mirror gives rise to concerns, typically facial lines and skin sagging, that popular injection treatments promise to reduce or rid altogether. But those scary needles and that price! How does one know when "it's time" to take this extra step in warding off signs of aging?

I can't answer this question directly because when we're talking about "need", that is the real urgency to take a serious action, only the client can know what that means. My response is usually, "How much does the changes you see in your skin affect how you feel about yourself?" And in those feelings lie the answer: if you're deeply troubled by skin imperfections then perhaps beauty injections could offer some needed emotional relief. This same someone becomes annoyed when friends or spouse tells her, "You don't need those treatments!" Only the person with the mirror knows for sure.

Personally, I'm a fan of most aesthetic enhancements so long as they're safe (whether they're affordable or not is another individual consideration.) Of course, there's no guarantee that such treatments will make a big enough change to lift one's appearance misgivings. So, again, in the end it's all about feelings, how we feel about what we see and then how we feel about the outcome of a cosmetic or surgical procedure. That's really all that matters.

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