Teenage Stress and Acne: Is There A Connection?

If your son or daughter seem to have acne flareups during stresses caused by mountains of homework or tough school exams, you can trust what you're seeing. Teens today are experiencing an unprecedented level of pressure leading to hormonal tides and poor eating/sleeping habits. All of this elevates skin oil production and builds an increased susceptibility to body inflammation resulting in more facial pimples. Stress also triggers the tendency to pick at affected skin, worsening the breakout problem. Anxiety disorder and even depression in teens is on the rise causing skin acne to deepen emotional pain.

Preston Skin Center is a calming, relaxing and understanding environment for young people troubled by embarrassing acne. We educate, encourage and offer realistic options for bringing stubborn breakouts under control, all without the need for medications that either fail to work or are too unpleasant to use.

We know what to do with acne and you will appreciate the results! Schedule a complimentary skin consultation today.

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