How To Make A Youthful Impression

You can begin by adding micro needling to your skincare routine! This cool little device makes tiny piercings into the skin that triggers a repair action delivering lots of new collagen to the treated areas. No, you're not really injured (unless you went crazy with this tool) but the skin doesn't know the difference. It gets immediately busy building up skin cells that produce a filling and flattening effect where fine lines and wrinkles have taken residence. Evict them! You're also enhancing the skin's uptake of valuable youth-restoring ingredients such as peptides and retinol. This is a great aid for reducing unwanted skin discoloration and acne scarring.

Get yours at Preston Skin Center on your next visit! Only $32.00 each (we recommend that you replace your micro needle roller every 6-months as the needles dull over time.)

Dare to be gorgeous!

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