See Spot Run!

Well, more like crawl at glacier speed... When attempting to reduce skin spotting, whether isolated islands of color or more of a nebulous mass (melasma) the process can be challengingly slow. More disappointing are the often minimal results produced by all that effort.

Certain skincare products and even medical therapies such as IPL and lasers claim power to lighten skin discoloration, sometimes accompanied by impressive before and after images of satisfied clients or patients. The reality is that any approach to the problem of age spotting will prove highly dependent upon skin type, intensity of color, faithfulness to treatment, and strict adherence to post-treatment instructions for maintaining the results. No Esthetician or physician will guarantee their programs will work, therefore the entire plan can (and often does) prove to be a costly, futile investment.

In my 37-years of working with skin discoloration I have witnessed a rare few clients who succeeded in greatly minimizing it and followed a lifestyle that would keep the problem away for good. Unless you plan to live in a cave and never again be in reach of ultraviolet light you can expect the darker pigmentation to return gradually or swiftly. Most people are unaware that even daily exposure to florescent light such as in the workplace will deliver just enough weak but steady UV contact to reactivate the photosensitive melanocytes and return the former color. That means that sunblock (better referred to as ultraviolet protection) should be worn indoors as well as out when skin discoloration is being combatted.

Another form of skin blemishing is known as post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation (PIH), often appearing as a legacy of acne lesions. These red to dark brown spots may remain on the skin long after a pimple has healed. Treatment for this condition is often less invasive and much more successful, especially for younger people. Still, patience and compliance to a reduction program is required.

When visiting me at Preston Skin Center I will provide you with an honest evaluation of your own skin pigmentation condition as well as practical advice for controlling it. No magic "cures" or vain promises, just the truth to help you make wise decisions about an approach that fits your budget and lifestyle.

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