Retinol: What is it?

Without getting all "sciencey" let me explain this potent skincare ingredient in terms you'll care about. In a nutshell think of retinol as fertilizer for the skin, much as you would use in your garden. In this case it's more like Miracle Grow on steroids! As we age our skin replacement activity begins to slow while the quality of the tissue that is produced diminishes. When included in a skin care regimen and used faithfully retinol will work to erase fine surface lines and discoloration. Who doesn't want that? Retinol comes in varying strengths as people have different tolerances for it. Normally found in .5 to 2.5 concentrations you should use the highest percentage that's comfortable for your skin.

Here at Preston Skin Center our Retinol 1 and Retinol 2+ Age Defense Serums satisfy most customers' needs when used under moisturizer (this is a PM-use product only!) Order online in our store and start looking younger, well, soon!

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