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These questions and answers may be helpful in deciding if
Preston Skin Center acne training programs are right for you:

Q: I have never focused on acne treatments in my skincare practice. What are the benefits of doing so?

There are MANY! A larger pool of clients, excellent customer loyalty, professional satisfaction, and great product sales opportunities.

Q: We didn't receive any real extraction training in beauty school. Does it take a long time to become skilled in it?

A: Our extraction training programs will advance your ability and confidence in a short amount of time, and has for scores of others. 

Q: I've already taken an acne certification class from another company. Would it be useful for me to take yours too?

A: Yes! Up to half of our acne training and certification students were certified in other programs. Preston offer's a unique perspective on acne treatment and client education not found in many other courses. You can never learn too much!

Q: I'm still a student in beauty school. Am I able to take your courses?

A: Yes, our program is open to both licensed professionals and those on their way to becoming one.

Q: Are your classes dependent on a certain product brand? I like the one I'm working with now.

A: Our training programs are compatible with whatever product line you're currently using. Only the Preston Comedone Rxtractor®️ is specific to the extraction course.


This is your first step to a brighter future in esthetics and spa business!

Please feel free to call us at (408) 677-6105 or click the button below to fill out our contact form. 

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