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Preston Acne Pros

Online Acne Training Program










Douglas Preston, 42-year licensed California Esthetician and business expert, created the Preston Acne Pros Congestive Acne Therapist Certification Program for ambitious skincare professionals who are seeking to elevate knowledge and practical skill in this challenging acne condition. We chose to focus on congestive acne as it is the most common type Estheticians encounter in their practices. It’s also one of the most successful for achieving improvement when professional and client work together in a comprehensive program of salon treatments and correct home care products. Well-trained acne therapists can realize a busy and lucrative business when acne treatment is the centerpiece of their service offerings.


The Preston Acne Pros Congestive Acne Therapist Certification Program combines a profound understanding of the causes and influences in congestive acne, comedone identification and extraction training, as well as extremely valuable business insights to help Estheticians grow and profit from their practices. This educational experience is especially designed to build professional confidence as an acne therapist. Our certification program is not intended to be the only acne education a skincare professional will need, but a great starting point or compliment to other classes and training. Many of our attendees have certifications from a variety of popular resources, but find our content uniquely refreshing and insightful. After all, learning is a process, not a final destination. 


While we use Preston Skincare products in our training, the results Estheticians can achieve through the Preston Method© are in no way limited by preferred product choice. The techniques are compatible with virtually any professional skincare line. 

The Preston Acne Pros Congestive Acne Therapist Certification Program includes the following:

• Video training: Mastering Congestive Acne—Analysis and Treatment

• Video training: Mastering the Art of Comedone Extractions

• 1 Preston Comedone Rxtractor®️

• Video training: The Client Consult Class (to improve consultation skill)

• Video training: The Retail Sales Class (to build retail sales confidence)

• All class materials

• Certificate of Completion

• Membership in our Facebook Group "Preston Rxtractor®️ Users Circle" where you can post any questions regarding your acne training or business for expert answers directly from Douglas Preston

See what Estheticians say about our Certification:

"The Mastering Congestive Acne course is a must for estheticians that specialize in acne! Preston does such a wonderful job at explaining different acne lesions, how to differentiate them, and why removing closed and open comedones is vital factor in keeping inflammation down. Unlike other acne programs on the market, Preston is teaching you how to treat acne, not just use a product line. Preston gives very useful tips for the treatment room and goes into detail about how to properly extract acne. He has a unique perspective on client compliance and what to really focus on when meeting with your client. 


Preston is offering an aspect of acne that no other program does, the only thing you can control when it comes to treating acne is your client in your treatment room! He gives a lot of business advice, talks about ingredients in depth, and goes over mistakes estheticians often make when handling acne: making promises about the outcome. 


If you’re feeling like you lack the knowledge or confidence when treating acne, you really should invest in this course! I am so happy I did."


Jess Jewkes 


Hydrate//skincare studio

"I learned so much from yesterday’s Congestive Acne course and can’t wait for the next training. Douglas Preston has built an immensely successful business, with the help of his fantastic wife Cathy. He loves the services he performs and has built long-lasting relationships with his clientele. I really respect and admire his overall approach to business and will take his tips along with me as I grow in this industry." —Amy

"I loved the Congestive Acne class so much. It gave me so much more confidence using the Rxtractor and with guiding acne clients. I used to be afraid of both and now I look forward to helping relieve congestion and advising my acne clients. I have a new 13 yr old coming on Sunday with mom and I know what to do. I also left feeling comfortable raising my prices and I have been selling way more toner and eye creams. Thank you Douglas and Cathy for an amazing day in Los Gatos." —Caitlin

For more details or to register please visit our store.

For those who prefer personalized instruction, this program will greatly improve your comedone extraction skill in a special 3 hr. training session with acne master Douglas Preston.


Working with the popular Preston Comedone Rxtractor®️, you’ll leave this training program with enhanced confidence and technical performance.


You must provide a training model unless requested for us to arrange one, so be sure the model’s skin presents open comedones or closed comedones. Both face and back extractions can be addressed in the session.


This program includes Certificate of Achievement and one Preston Comedone Rxtractor®️.  Please contact us directly for more information or to reserve your session. 408-677-6105 or 408-612-9066

Visit our store to purchase





Learn what is most important to skincare clients in this insightful training program. Based on years of customer surveys and in-practice use you'll discover how to make new clients feel comfortable, reveal what aspects of skincare treatments they value the most, and how to win their business year after year! This class will change everything you knew about client consultations and impress your clients no matter how new you are in your career. 

Your purchase entitles you to unlimited viewing so you can refer to it as often as you like! This is the same technique Douglas Preston uses in his own private skincare practice.

Visit our store to purchase.






This fascinating class taught by Douglas Preston demonstrates how to perform a facial treatment in a style and efficiency that truly wins rave customer reviews!

The programs covers a start-to-finish new facial client experience from initial consultation to retail sales to reschedule. It's all here! Perfect for the newer Esthetician or seasoned professionals looking for something new to include in their techniques. 

Our training is not dependent on any particular product line or specialized equipment so it can be incorporated in any professional practice. One of our most popular professional courses!

Your purchase entitles you to unlimited viewing so you can refer to it as often as you like!

Visit our store to purchase.





Never lose a client product sale again! This fascinating class presented by Douglas Preston will eliminate sales fears, demonstrate simple, easy-to-understand product descriptions, and open up your practice to a big stream of new income. You'll learn how clients really think about product suggestions and how to overcome nervousness and doubt about this important of your career performance. Regardless of what product line you sell the techniques in our program will help you fill those customer shopping bags. A great investment in your business!

Your purchase entitles you to unlimited viewing so you can refer to it as often as you like!

Visit our store to purchase.





For anyone interested in exploring or beginning a private skincare product brand this program will answer almost all of your important questions! An A-Z comprehensive business guide!


Presentation details:

  • What is a private label product? The true definition of the concept.

  • Examples of common private label products

  • Who sells private brands?

  • Why the trend toward private branding in esthetic skincare

  • Common questions business owners ask when considering starting a private skincare brand

  • The private brand development process: what’s involved

  • The benefits of starting a private brand explained

  • A step by step workshop in starting one’s own private skincare brand, from concept to selling

  • More frequently asked questions about private branding


Your purchase entitles you to unlimited viewing so you can refer to it as often as you like!

Visit our store to purchase.





Every professional Esthetician wants to earn a top income from a skincare practice, and the $100K mark seems like an impossible dream for many. But, is it really so hard to achieve? Not if you have the right plan and the commitment to achieving career success! This 5-part Esthetics business booster series contains some of the best methods and insights from Esthetician and career mentor Douglas Preston’s long experience in the field. Applying even a small portion of his techniques in your practice will yield massive financial benefits for years! His techniques are easy to understand and follow, even for the most business-challenged professional.


Designed with the solo Esthetician in mind it’s also ideal for employers and those working for others in an esthetics role. This may very well prove to be the best investment you’ll ever make in your skincare or spa career!


Your purchase entitles you to unlimited viewing so you can refer to it as often as you like!

Visit our store to purchase.




Sometimes though you've done your best you just need the advice of an experienced professional to help you with the bigger questions about your esthetics career and business. The wise entrepreneur will reach our for expert assistance rather that try to "wing it" and risk unnecessary problem and money loss. Questions about working solo, service pricing, menu options, expansion, equipment and product selection—all can have a long-term impact on how a skincare practice or spa survives. A savvy guiding hand might just be the best choice when uncertainty or doubt is holding you back.

A complimentary business consultation with  Douglas Preston will quickly show you how you could benefit from the experience of one who has many successes in his extensive career in esthetics and spa. His services virtually always far more than pay for themselves, and the comfort and confidence you'll feel equipped with the right business knowledge will empower you for as long as you're in business.

To schedule your session with Douglas please call 408-677-6105 email to And please see our testimonials page  to hear what others like yourself have to say about their own coaching experience!

This is your first step to a brighter future in esthetics and spa business!

Please feel free to call us at (408) 677-6105 or click the button below to fill out our contact form. 

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