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I had the honor and privilege of meeting Douglas more than 18 years ago at an ISpa meeting held at the Broadmoor Resort and Spa in Colorado Springs. It was such a pleasure talking with him about the challenges of owning a business.  After the conference, I contacted him and decided to work with him, one on one as one of my first business coaches.  He helped me hone my skills as an owner by improving my financial planning abilities as well as my management, team building and communication skills.  His warm and friendly personality make it very easy and enjoyable to work with him.  To this day, I still turn to him for professional advice.  I greatly  value and appreciate his feedback, opinion and guidance.  I also remain a practicing esthetician for more than 34 years.   I learned to balance running my business while still maintaining the ability to enjoy time devoted to my craft which lead me to this wonderful industry. His knowledge as a professional esthetician is such an added benefit to working with him.  I continue to enjoy reading his blog, appreciate his words of advice in business  and as an owner and his knowledge and expertise in skin care.  Douglas has such a steadfast reputation in the beauty and wellness industry and I am so grateful to have his guidance and cherished friendship.

—Denise Dubois

Owner, Complexions Wellness Spas

You are certainly a breath of fresh air, and you truly keep solo esty's, like myself, in the right state of mind... Venturing out on your own is not an easy thing to do!  Especially when you feel like you're drowning in this world alone! I appreciate all of your insight, your genuine and caring heart, your passion for others, and of course your knowledge in Esthetics.

—Lara M.

Esthetician, USA

My association with Douglas goes right back to 2002 when I heard the tail end of a lecture he was giving at ISPA.   What I heard as I slipped into his final 10 mins was quite frankly life changing!   It was refreshing to hear such practical and honest information that simply made perfect sense to me.  So much so that I went straight up and asked Douglas if he would be prepared to make a trip to New Zealand to offer a series of workshops to our partners.   So successful was his trip that we had Douglas visit 3 times more over the years.  As a distributor and spa owner, implementing his advice had a profound effect on how I managed my business and the tweaks and changes  that I made an incredible difference to our profitability, performance  and workplace satisfaction.

Douglas has been such a generous person in sharing his knowledge.  Combined with a fantastic sense of humor, intelligent and thought provoking information you can be assured  that you are in good hands. Don’t hesitate to work with Douglas, I know it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done in my career.

—Nicky Quinn

Managing Director, ProBeauty, New Zealand

This is your first step to a brighter future in esthetics and spa business!

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