Bring me your poor, your tired, your weak...skincare products!

On your first visit to Preston Skin Center please bring along your current collection of beauty battle gear for an expert evaluation by us. Haul in that Olay, drag us that Neutrogena, and surrender your St. Ives to our professional eyes to learn fact from fiction about how to best keep your skin young and glowing. And for every product you replace with one from our fabulous Preston Beautiful Skin collection you'll receive 20% off that first purchase! Why hold out any longer?

Is This Your Daughter's Medicine Cabinet?

At least 50% of the new acne cases I treat at Preston Skin Center are caused or worsened by beauty products purchased through guesswork. Television ads, social media posts, tips from friends—all tempt young people to experiment with fun, exotic products yet most are not acne friendly (even when they claim to be). Stop the madness NOW and visit us for a sensible approach to facial care that will immediately begin to bring breakouts under control! Schedule a complimentary Skin Consultation as a first step toward a clearer face and more confident teen.

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     101 Church Street, Suite 19

     Los Gatos, CA 95030

     (408) 677-6105



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