Everyone says that I still look young so why do I feel old at work?

Probably because you are, that is, if compared to some of your young co-workers. In Silicon Valley there is legendary ageism in the workplace, with flocks of hip, cool kids filling the ranks of software companies and marketing agencies, just for starters. These employees like hanging with their own, those they feel can best relate to their lives and social culture. And that just might not include you. While no aware person wants to risk dressing and acting much younger than they are (we've all seen that tragic mistake!) taking care to maintain smooth skin and an updated personal style can buy some extra respect at the office. It's not difficult to keep the skin looking younger but, like all

Does my son or daughter have to take medication to control their acne problem?

You see the physician for 5-minutes and are handed a prescription for antibiotics, Retin-A or, the often dreaded Acutane. Is this all they have to successfully deal with stubborn acne? Well, yes when addressing it medically. Medications largely try to control the side-effects of blackhead impactions in the skin—bacterial buildup that can cause inflammation and infection which is the root of most common acne conditions. But, treating this problem as I do, through a steady, repeated removal of the blackheads which controls the bacteria buildup cycle, is time consuming—a successful approach that no physician can affordably offer patients. We have so many great success stories among our teen and

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